Here are the writeups for the 6 challenges I created for the Cyber Security Society IntakeCTF. I hope those who took part enjoyed the challenges and I would love to see how you solved these challenges.

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CopyParty Link to heading

My friend left his pc on while he went out so I setup a file server in his home directory so I can steal his passwords later. Can you help me find the flag? - 200 Points

CopyParty was the first web challenge I created. The idea for this challenge was to find a piece of software with a public CVE. Copyparty is a portable file server with just over 300 stars on GitHub.

You are presented with this screen where you can upload/download files and explore the options of CopyParty.

CopyParty Screen

There were a couple of red herrings in the challenge.

  • Fake ssh keys in the .ssh folder
  • Fake flag in the Desktop folder

However, the intended solution was to discover the software running was CopyParty and Google CopyParty vulnerability where they would find CVE-2023-37474 which is an LFI vulnerability.

The flag was stored in /root/flag.txt (like similar style challenges)

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Running the following command or visiting the path would result in the flag being displayed. curl http://{ip}:{port}/.cpr/%2froot/flag.txt

SQLi Link to heading

This login page may be vulnerable to SQL injection, can you get us in? - 200 Points

This challenge was designed to be solved using a common SQL injection.

SQLi Screen

You are presented with a simple login modal. The solution to this challenge is to successfully bypass the login screen.

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Using 'or 1=1-- as the username and any value as the password will result in the flag being displayed

Git Secrets Link to heading

You can run, but you can’t hide from git - 400 Points

For this challenge, you are presented with just an index page.

Exposed .git directories are commonplace in web applications. A good way to test for this is by trying to access .git/config which if a git directory is accessible will return a file

Using tools such as GitTools these can be extracted from the server. In this challenge, the flag is stored in a deleted branch that is still cached on the server. The command git reflog can be used to view all commits even if not tied to a branch. Adding the -p flag will print out all changes in each commit.

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  1. Run the git tools dumper to download the git repo

    ./ gitsecrets

    git Dumper

  2. Change directory into the gitsecrets folder and run git reflog -p

    This gives us the flag

    git reflog -p

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HiddenInPlainSight Link to heading

Percy recently posted this to his Instagram. Can you help me solve his puzzle? - 200 Points

This was one of my favourite challenges to make. You are given the following png.


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Running strings on the PNG would reveal a hint suggesting you look into bit planes. The intention was for you to run the image through Cyber Chef or a similar online tool and discover there was data hidden in the alpha layer of the image.

strings cyberChef

This data is stored as binary values with an alpha value of 254 corresponding to 1 and a value of 253 corresponding to 0. This step of the challenge could be solved with online tools but a script is just nicer.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from PIL import Image

def main():
    # Get the width and height of the Image
    img ='HiddenInPlainSight.png')
    width, height = img.size
    # Get the RGBA values of the pixels
    pixels = list(img.getdata())
    # Add all alpha values to a list
    alpha = []
    for i in range(len(pixels)):
        # Break if the alpha value is 0
        if pixels[i][3] == 0:
        if pixels[i][3] == 253:
        elif pixels[i][3] == 254:

    # Convert the list of bits to a string
    data = ''.join([chr(int(''.join(map(str, alpha[i:i+8])), 2)) for i in range(0, len(alpha), 8)])

if __name__ == '__main__':

Running this script will result in a bunch of garbage-looking data but it is in fact a zip file that has been base64 endcoded. However when trying to extract the zip you will be prompted for a password.


We must now crack the password of the zip. I prefer to use john instead of fcrackzip but you can use any tools you like.

When using john you must first use zip2john to extract the hash into a format usable by john and then it can be cracked like any other hash.


This gives us the password used to protect the zip and can then be used to extract the flag from the zip.

OldSchool Link to heading


For this challenge, you are given a wav file dtmv.wav. As suggested by the file name the file consists of Dual Tone Multi Frequencies which are used to send signals.

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The file can be processed using online tools such as DTMF Decoder which will detect the tones and present you with the numeric values.


These values are encoded using Muli Tap. Online converters such as the one by can be used to convert these values into ASCII. Doing this will give us the flag


OSINT Link to heading

Touch Grass Link to heading

Apparently these three pictures can help you find the flag, can you give it a go? - 300 Points

This challenge was designed to make you go outside.

You were given a zip file containing 3 images.

touchGrass1 touchGrass2 touchGrass3

Running exiftool on these images would give you a value for Event for each one. Each of these corresponds to a what3words location somewhere in the world.

  1. ///faded.neck.expansion
  2. ///motionless.uncouth.overdid
  3. ///cinemas.twitter.handle

exiftool location1 location2 location3

Each of these 3 locations were placed on a road with the following road names

  1. Judges road
  2. Path road
  3. Wishes lane

Keeping with the what3words theme you had to build the final location out of these road names which would take you to a location on campus.

///judges.path.wishes finalLocation

Upon visiting the location and doing a bit of searching you would have found the following posterduct taped behind a bin which displayed the flag.

TouchGrassPoster TouchGrassLocation